About Sue

 Sue – Rio’s Botanical Gardens
Hello. I’m a freelance journalist based in Rio de Janeiro writing about art and culture in Brazil, although must admit I’m drawn to eccentric, quirky tales.

 I started out as a dancer then fell into fashion modelling, which I stuck with as it was more lucrative than hoofing. I also had a fair stab at acting, but got fed up waiting around for casting directors. After almost 20 years of kicking, strutting and much ridiculous thespian larking about I now wait around for editors instead.

Life in Brazil is never dull and there are a ton of interesting characters, life situations and events playing out as I blog.  So watch this space to find out more…

Or take a look at my work-related website www.sue-chester.com

7 Responses to “About Sue”

  1. Leli Says:

    your website looks great!!!

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Chester the website looks wonderful

    All the best

  3. Saul Stuart Gefter Says:


    Loved your site in general and your writing skills in particular…very impressive. Thanks.



  4. Margret Holzer de Baez Says:

    Person, writing skills and website, all topnotch.

    Wishing you continued success


  5. Karine Fonte Says:

    I’m dying to read your next comments abour life in Rio, and the people who live in this “City of Wonders”. It’s always good to have such a good writer to make up an X-Ray fo such a bautiful and chaotic place.
    Best luck, girl!

  6. Cristina Paulino Says:

    Hi, Sue,
    How´s everything going?
    Are you in Rio?
    I read on the papers yesterday that the Michelin Guide of Rio de Janeiro was finally published.
    Did it please you? Did you manage to put all those stores?
    I´ll try to have a copy as soon as possible.
    Keep in touch.
    Best to you,

  7. David Rostovsky Says:

    Lovely Jubly

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